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The Office of Instructional Resources team designs multimedia systems with end-user functionality needs in mind. We also support and train our faculty and staff on the use of the multimedia systems we install. We strive to standardize our core systems. Sometimes functionality or equipment is different and you may need help to get your class or meeting up and running.

Multimedia Support

Need assistance in a classroom or conference room? If you’re experiencing a problem with multimedia equipment, we want to help! Let us know what’s going on so we can get your class or meeting back up and running as quickly as possible. We can even respond during your class if you wish.

Or, maybe you need help getting familiar with the multimedia system in your classroom or conference room? Wherever you may be teaching or presenting, we can show you how to use the multimedia system.

Crestron Mercury - Downtown

How to Download the Application using Software Center: Open Software Center. Select the the ‘Crestron AirMedia’ application. Click Install. How to Present Using Air Media Wake the Crestron Mercury by tapping the screen. To view the Main Menu, select the up arrow at the bottom of the screen. Select Present. Select Air Media from the ‘Present a Source’ menu. Follow the steps on the screen. Connect to the DTCampus wireless network. Navigate to the browser…