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Multimedia Space Design and Installation

The OIR Multimedia Systems & Technology team designs upgraded and new multimedia systems based on end-user functionality requirements. We provide consultation to the UCF community for purchasing, selecting, and using various technologies in multimedia spaces. We design and install multimedia systems for classrooms, conference rooms, and other presentation areas.

Crestron Systems

UCF has standardized on Crestron, utilizing DM® NVX, Crestron Mercury®, and the A+ Educational Partner Program to help students and faculty achieve their academic and professional goals. Check out the video below to learn more about some of the Crestron systems you may find in any of UCF’s multimedia spaces.

Technology Fee Projects

Are you interested in determining if your project qualifies as a Technology Fee project? The UCF Technology Fee (TF) Guidelines provide detailed information about the committee, requests for proposals, and the requirements for acceptable projects.

Technology Fee Project Process

Once you’ve determined that your project meets the UCF technology fee requirements and OIR needs to be involved, begin the following six step process.

  1. Project Request To initiate a multimedia technology TF project walk-through with OIR, complete the OIR Multimedia Project Request Form. Be sure to note in the field for the description of the “Summary of work to be done” that the request is for a TF project walk-through. After a request is received by OIR, the requester will receive a work order (WO) email acknowledgement. An OIR staff member will follow up on the request.
  2. Space Walk-Through: If the multimedia project requires the involvement of Facilities Improvement (FI), it is the responsibility of the requesting project manager to coordinate a walk-through with both FI and OIR present, and to make sure the project space is available during the scheduled walk-through.
  3. OIR Proposal: The OIR technology fee proposal provided to the requester will include OIR-related costs for the multimedia technology project.
  4. OIR Service Request – Closure: Once the project requester sends an email informing OIR that their proposal is approved and accepted, OIR will close the OIR TF work order. If the OIR project manager does not receive a notice of acceptance, the requester will be notified that the WO will be closed.
  5. Post-Award: When the project requester is notified that a project has been awarded by the TF committee, complete a new OIR Multimedia Project Request Form. Be sure to note the TF number in the “Summary of Work to be Done” field, and that you have received an award letter with authorization to proceed. After an OIR Service Request is received, the requester will be contacted by an OIR staff member.
  6. OIR Feedback Form: We are always looking for ways to improve our services. Please take a moment to complete the OIR Feedback Form so we know how we can better serve your needs.