Support for Intel Unite – Downtown

Intel Unite is a content and collaboration sharing technology being deployed at UCF by the Office of Instructional Resources. Members of the UCF community can use the Intel Unite app to wirelessly share their laptop, phone, or tablet screen to displays in classrooms, conference rooms, and collaboration spaces where Intel Unite is available.

How to Download the Application using Software Center:

  1. Open Software Center.

  2. Select the the ‘Intel Unite Client’ application.
  3. Click Install.

How to Download the Application on a Personal Device:

  1. Download the Intel Unite app.
    1. From your personal laptop you can do so at:
      • Install the appropriate software for the operating system on your laptop.
    2. From your tablet or phone, go to your appropriate app store on the device and search for “Intel Unite”.
      • If you see this icon, that is the correct app to download.

How to Present:

  1. Launch the session from the computer in the space.
    1. Click on the ‘Intel Unite’ icon on the desktop to start the session.

    2. The 6-digit code will appear in the upper-right corner of the desktop.

  2. Make sure you are connected to the “DTCampus” wireless network.

    Do not access Intel Unite on the UCF_Guest network

    Intel Unite will not work from the “UCF_Guest” or any other wireless network.

  3. Launch the app on your device you wish to present from.
    • The first time you use Intel Unite on your device, you will need to input your UCF email address on the screen seen below.
      Welcome interface for Intel Unite with email input

  4. Enter the 6-digit code on upper-right of the screen you wish to connect to into the app.

  5. Click Present.

How to Use Extended Display (Windows Only):

  1. Download the Extended Display application from:
  2. Follow the steps above on How To Present.
  3. Instead of clicking the ‘Present’ button, click the three dots next to the ‘Present’ button.
  4. Select ‘Virtual Extended Screen’ and click ‘Present.’

Implementing Intel Unite

We are making Unite available to the Downtown Campus starting Fall 2019. We expect to begin rolling out to the main campus in Spring 2020.