Panopto Lecture Capture

As of the Summer 2015 semester, Panopto is the main distance learning video modality (v-mode) for the entire university. The Office of Instructional Resources provides hands on training, services, and ongoing support to faculty and instructors in our designated, multimedia mode Panopto rooms. On the main campus, this room is currently located in Classroom I building, room 218. There are also two other rooms designed by OIR located at the UCF Daytona and Cocoa regional campuses. All three Panopto classrooms are equipped with a Windows 7, 64-bit computer, projector, Crestron touch panel (for switching between sources), Panopto recorder pre-installed, network connection, document camera, DVD/VCR player, VGA cable (for laptop connecting), lighting control, Revolab wireless microphone, ceiling microphones, and an instructor camera.panopto

OIR has also designed and built a “mock” Panopto classroom in the Faculty Multimedia Center (FMC) containing the exact same equipment and configuration as room 218 for hands on training and lecture recording purposes. Prospective Panopto instructors who will be utilizing OIR’s classrooms are strongly encouraged to visit the FMC in order to gain experience with the technology.

For further inquiries about Panopto classroom training, support, and a tour of room 218, or, for a demonstration and for practice using Panopto in the Faculty Multimedia Center, contact

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