Faculty Multimedia Workshop Series

This workshop series is co-sponsored by UCF’s Office of Instructional Resources (OIR), Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL), and Center for Distributed Learning (CDL). Workshops are offered periodically to facilitate faculty creation of multimedia for UCF courses.

Each workshop is focused upon a specific type of course-relevant multimedia and includes:

  • Examples of the featured multimedia from actual courses
  • Demonstration of steps to create the featured multimedia
  • Suggested best practices and tips associated with the featured multimedia
  • Hands-on practice in creating the featured multimedia in a supportive environment
  • Debrief discussion with facilitators and other faculty related to effective practices

Workshops are held in UCF’s Faculty Multimedia Center (FMC) and highlight media creation tools available within the FMC. The one-hour format includes demonstration followed by hands-on practice and wrap-up discussion. The workshops include “take-away” resources, and demonstrations will be recorded for later review.

All members of the UCF community are invited to participate in the Faculty Multimedia Workshop Series.

Upcoming Workshops

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Workshop Archive


Screencasting is the process by which you capture and narrate the action on your computer screen. Instructional videos, such as demonstrations or tutorials, can be an effective way to save face-to-face time or to allow students to work at their own pace. In this session, we will cover the basics of creating a screencast, best practices, and educational uses.

Speakers: Anna Turner, M.A.; Don Merritt, Ph.D.

View the recorded session.

Recorded on November 20, 2014 in the Faculty Multimedia Center (CB1-202).

Selecting and Integrating Third-Party Videos into Webcourses@UCF

In this session we will demonstrate how to search several video repositories and incorporate the video links into various tools within Webcourses@UCF (Canvas). The demonstrations will feature video clips, films, and documentaries that would be appropriate to a wide range of disciplines. All of the resources offered are captioned or transcribed to ensure access for all students. The session format will provide a brief rationale for using videos in the curriculum, followed by demonstrations and a period for hands-on practice. Participants will receive a handout with an expanded list of collections and tutorials.

View the recorded session.

Recorded on April 17, 2014 in the Faculty Multimedia Center (CB1-202).

Creating Accessible Online Course Content in Webcourses@UCF

In this session, presenters will discuss a variety of resources and services that will help faculty create basic, accessible Wiki Pages in Webcourses@UCF (Canvas). It will include strategies to add or modify content such as the following items: headings, tables, adding a URL, and adding images and video components such as YouTube clips. Ideas and concerns of participants will be solicited.

View the recorded session.

Recorded on October 10, 2013

Narrated PowerPoint Presentations

Narrated PowerPoint slides can be an engaging way to present mini-lectures whether you use them to free up class time for active learning or to add personalization to your online class. This workshop introduces participants to the basics of narrating PowerPoint slides, provides tips for using them in your teaching, and discusses the various technology options from which to choose.

Workshop Resources

View the recorded session.

Narrated PowerPoint Presentations Slides

Narrated PowerPoint handout

Recorded on July 18, 2013

Additional Resources

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