Posters & tables in and around Classroom Building 1



Posters and notices of UCF-related activities, services and events may be posted on the brick walls outside of rooms 104 and 121 on the first floor of Classroom Building 1 (CB1). You may also post notices on the corkboards outside of classrooms on all floors so long as you provide your own tacks. Nothing is to be hung by any device or adhesive on the building’s painted walls or any of its doors or windows.

There is no digital signage for CB1. Some tenants of CB1 maintain their own display areas and systems. You need to contact them directly to post on their boards.

Fliers and posters should not cover other fliers or posters. Such disregard for the speech of others may get your poster or flier removed and destroyed with no notification.

It is the poster’s responsibility to retrieve their notices within 2 weeks of posting if you wish to keep them. Abandoned posters or fliers will be discarded.

Any damage done to the facility by a posting (adhesives stripping paint from the walls, holes left in a wall from tacks or other devices, etc.) will be repaired with the costs charged to the organization identified in the posting. Fliers or notices posted anywhere other than the above noted areas may be removed and destroyed with no notice to the poster. Intentional damage to the facility, “tagging” with spray paint, or other destructive behaviors may be reported to the proper authorities as vandalism and handled accordingly.

Posting a flyer or notice does not constitute an endorsement of the item, organization, or event by any tenant of CB1.



The primary purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that the building can be evacuated quickly in case of an emergency. They also help maintain the flow of pedestrian traffic between classes in this very busy building.

Tables and booths are not permitted inside of Classroom Building 1 (CB1). Tables may be set up outside of Classroom Building 1 so long as they are at least 50 feet away from any of the entrances and out of the path of people entering and exiting the building. No one may use the external power outlets – absolutely no extension cords are permitted. An exception will be made for the covered patio area on the south side of the building facing the Student Union. Tables may be set up in this area and power outlets used. The tables must be set up so that any cords do not pose a trip hazard nor block easy access to any of the patio doors.

The organization should make arrangements to provide their own tables and chairs. OIR cannot provide tables or chairs and none should be taken from the building. Vandalism, theft, or disregard for the safety of others will result in the organization being reported to the proper authorities for disciplinary action.

Setting up a table or booth does not constitute an endorsement of the item, organization, or event by any tenant of CB1.


Questions regarding any of these guidelines should be directed in writing to the Office of Instructional Resources: